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Having visited one of Derby’s main tourist attractions, the Museum of Making, I decided to make the most of my short break in my home area by checking out another of the city’s cultural places. This time I’d visit the Quad, a building that is home to an art gallery, independent cinemas, and event spaces.

A space of cultural mix

At the Quad you can check out the venue’s creative exhibits, all free of charge. The exhibits change every few weeks so they’ll always be something different to check out every now and then. I seem to remember a Derby County exhibition taking place here a few years ago.

The Quad is also home to a couple of cinema spaces that showcase a mix of independent, international and Hollywood cinema. I have visited the Quad for an international cinema evening (a German-language film in this case a few years ago) and it was quite good. I’m all for supporting independent cinemas but sadly I don’t really get to go out to these now (not that I’m much of a cinema-goer at all to be honest).

At the Quad there are also numerous learning events taking place throughout the year including (at time of writing) photography courses, creative sessions for little ones, and knitting socials.

Quads in

Although it exactly isn’t one of the biggest creative attractions to visit the Quad is worth checking out for the free exhibits if you’re looking to kill a bit of time. As a cultural space overall it’s a good addition to Derby’s creative scene and the ever changing exhibits can make the Quad worth visiting every now and then.

Getting to the Quad

The Quad is located in Derby City Centre and is a short walk away from the city’s main bus station. Entry is free (donations are welcome).

Address – QUAD, Market Place, Cathedral Quarter, Derby, DE1 3AS

by Adam Thompson