The Hoppy Place, Chaddesden

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Even though the micropub scene is continuing to grow there are still several parts of the country that still don’t have such small watering holes yet could happily support them. One such area that didn’t have a micropub was the Derby suburb of Chaddesden, situated to the east of the city centre. That was until late 2023 when a former coffee shop on the suburb’s main road was converted into a new small establishment serving a different form of liquid refreshment. Now a micropub, I checked out The Hoppy Place.

Hop inside

The inside of The Hoppy Place is typical of most standard micropubs in its size – small but with enough seating throughout. There are two ‘rooms’ here; the main area with the bar, and a smaller area complete with brick wall and wonky mirror. There are a few other ornaments dotted throughout the venue.

Hops a plenty

There is a good selection of hops available at The Hoppy Place (pun intended). For real ale fans you have up to four cask beverages to choose from, whilst there are also a couple of keg beers available as well as two keg ciders, all in addition to wines, whiskeys, spirits, and soft drinks. A small selection of nibbles (mostly nuts) are available too.

Hop again?

The Hoppy Place is another good micropub that has everything that you’d want and expect from a small watering hole; good ale, helpful staff, a good relaxing atmosphere. This is yet another welcome addition to Derby’s micropub scene.

Getting to the venue

The Hoppy Place is located on Nottingham Road in Chaddesden, Derby and is easily accessible via local bus services that stop right near the venue.

Address – 488 Nottingham Road, Chaddesden, Derby DE21 6PF
Nearest bus – The following bus services stop nearby the venue:

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