The Cambridge Brew House

Located just on the edge of the city centre, The Cambridge Brew House is not just a pub/restaurant but it also houses its own microbrewery.

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BrewDog Brussels

You are thinking about what to do for evening meal. Ideally you want somewhere that is easy to get to from your hotel, has vegan food available for your partner, and sells good beer as well. Well in Brussels there is a pub that does just that, and it’s run by a British pub chain – BrewDog

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The Frog & Princess

Located in the Saint Germain area of Paris, The Frog & Princess is situated among a few English-style pubs making the area a go-to destination for UK tourists visiting the city and wanting some English-style beers, and The Frog & Princess certainly has a great range of such beers available for you to try out.

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