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When you’re away on holiday at a sunny coastal area nothing quite beats the idea of enjoying a relaxing drink and/or a bite to eat whilst sitting near the coastline waters. This would certainly be the case on our visit to Benidorm in October 2023 when we checked out the FRESH Urban Gastrobar, a short walk away from the Hotel Fleming where we were staying for a few nights.

FRESH in and out

Depending on where you choose to sit here you can enjoy the best of both inside and outside at FRESH. The outside areas allow you to admire the coastal views more whilst in the indoor areas you can enjoy live sporting action shown on the venue’s TV screens, mostly showing English football although on our visit they also had World Cup Rugby on. During the daytime these screens would show standard British telly in the background, for example you could watch (but not hear) ITV’s This Morning here. There’s nothing too fancy about the interior decor here otherwise apart from the odd neon-light sign.

A FRESH visit every day

We’d end up visiting FRESH every day of our stay in Benidorm and whilst we would have the same dishes for ourselves on most visits here we would on one day have something different. Starting off with our favourites for most visits which for me was a BBQ Chicken Baguette consisting of breaded chicken goujons, lettuce with a BBQ sauce. Accompanying this dish for me was a side serving of fries.

My dining partners’ popular dish at FRESH was the Veggie Burger, consisting of a plant-based patty with lettuce and tomato (the onion was removed at request). Both of our dishes did the job in that they were tasty throughout and very filling. The fries were nice and crispy which for me is essential, so win-win here.

We would on one evening visit here try something different and go for FRESH’s oriental offerings. My choice was the Chicken Wok bowl consisting of noodles, seasonal vegetables with a homemade wok sauce. My dining partner chose the vegan Pokebowl – Traditional Hawaiian salad made with Thai Jasmin rice, seaweed, edamame beans, avocado, cherry tomatoes, soy strips and sesame seed. Again we both enjoyed our respective bowl dishes, and I’m glad I opted for this instead of sticking with the same baguette dish. These were lighter bites but still satisfying and tasty, and certainly well worth having again.

FRESH in the future?

We certainly did enjoy our visits to FRESH and whilst at the end of the day it is simply a tourist gastrobar there is plenty to like about this venue. There’s a good selection of food and drink available, friendly staff, and a relaxing atmosphere both day and night.

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Address – C/ de Sant Pere, 22, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
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by Adam Thompson