Saltoki Experience, Benidorm

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Prior to visiting Benidorm back in October 2023 I had this vision of an area that was tacky and not what I would regard as proper Spain. However as with anything new you shouldn’t knock it until you try it (so to say) and whilst some parts of the area are not exactly classy, you can’t say that about Saltoki Experience, a bar and restaurant located by the Benidorm coast and handy for us also within a short walk from the Hotel Fleming.

More than one experience

As with our visits to the FRESH Urban Gastrobar (which was right nearby) we would end up making more than one visit to Saltoki Experience (though not as many here). All of our visits here would be in the evening and we decided to sit inside on these occasions, thereby allowing us to appreciate the classy interior surroundings of the venue which certainly give the venue a rather upmarket feel.

The food and drink experiences

For a couple of our evening visits to Saltoki Experience we would sample dishes from their food offering. For the first visit I would try out their BBQ Fried Chicken burger with chipped potatoes (note they’re not fries). This dish was perfectly fine in that it was filling and tasty. The potatoes were good although I would have preferred fries like they offer at FRESH.

My dining partner opted for a small vegan spaghetti bowl, and it was a rather small serving all be told.

Next visit, something Spanish

We would return to Saltoki for another meal out, and this time we decided to try out their vegetable paella offering. Having had a really good similar dish at Tanit in Valencia we were hoping for something just as good here, but sadly this wasn’t the case. Our paella at Saltoki was quiet oily and greasy, and also a bit more salty. Also to note that our dish came with mayo added, something that was not stated on the menu and would be of concern for those with certain dietary requirements. It was needless to say that this particular dish was a disappointment.

Drink and match

Despite the not-as-good dining experience here we did happily stay a bit longer at Saltoki to enjoy the live football matches that were on show here, and our drinks orders came with complementary nibbles which were quite good (and for me addictive) and were a nice touch.

An OK experience

Whilst the dining experiences at Saltoki weren’t as good as we’d hoped there are other things that we did like including a relaxing atmosphere, good drinks, and a nice place to enjoy the match. And besisde this is one of the classiest bars that you can visit in Benidorm. We would happily come here again but maybe for drinks only.

Address – C/ de Sant Pere, 26, 03501 Benidorm, Alicante, Spain

by Adam Thompson